·         The Largest Continent in the world is ASIA.
·         There six Continent in the World: ASIA, AFRICA, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA.
·         The first University in the World is AL-Azhear University in Cairo capital city of Egypt, founded in 1770 AD.
·         The most graceful bridge in the World is George Washington Bridge, New York opened in 1930.
·         The Highest building in the world is Empire state Building , it’s the tallest structure made by Man. Its construction cost 35,000,000 dollars.
·         The Longest river in Africa is River Nile 4,160 miles
·         The highest waterfall in the world is Angel at Venezuela, it is 100m tall.
·         The highest Mountain in Africa  is mountain Kilimanjaro.
·         The largest lake in the world is mountain Everest. It is found in Nepal Tibet with the height of 8848m tall.
·         The Largest Ocean in the world  is pacific ocean, it is  about 64,000,000sq.miles.
·         The hottest desert in the world is Sahara Desert.
·         The most beautiful gate in the world is Great Akbar built at Fathehpur-sikiri not far from Aara Asia.
·         The Largest stadium in the World is Maracana stadium in Brazil with the capacity of 245,000 spectators.
·         The smallest continent in the world is Australia.
·         The first Mountainers to reach the top of Mt. Everest were Shiepa Tensing and Sir. Edmud Hillary.
·         The highest mountain in the solar system is Olympus Mons.
·         Uruguay was the country to host the world Championship in soccer in the year 1930. The host country also won the Cup.
·         The first man to take a successful photograph of human face was Mr. John Williams Draper.
·          Michael Faraday was the first man to discover electricity.
·         The Largest sea in the world is Mediterranean Sea.
·         The tallest man  in the world is Mohammed  Alam chana of Pakistan measuring 8.3ft tall.
·         The shortest man in the world is Calving Phillips of  Bridge water, Massa Chusetto U.S measuring 26.5 inches tall.
·         The first person to cross Africa from east to west was Venny L.Cameron
·         The world Longest Sea Bridge is Hagzhou Bay Bridge.
·         The Longest River in the world is Arabian sea ( sea of Okhotsk(
·         The first country to win under 17 FIFA world cup is Nigeria in 1985 in china.
·         The longest River in Africa is River Nile 4,160miles.
·         The highest building in the world is NECOM House.
·         The first man to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong in July 1969.

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